Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random Pics…Enjoy!

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Thanksgiving Recap

This year, like the past two years, I hosted Thanksgiving at our home.  I was able to take three days off that week to spend with family. Here is how it went…

Wednesday- This day started really well. I was able to get the house clean but only because I had the help of the wonderful Aunt Erin. She came over to entertain the little monster while I cleaned, washed, folded, dusted, scrubbed, and vacuumed. My mom also came over to help me with stuffing Mr. Tom Turkey. Unfortunately the day ended with myself having one heck of a massive migraine

Thursday- This day started off a little bumpy but everything turned out great. To start, I woke with my migraine still lingering so I figured I needed some caffeine to give it the bump it needed to get out of my head. For those that don’t know, I can’t have carbonated drinks so sweetened tea is my crutch. After getting up early to put the turkey in the oven, I headed out to find some tea. My preferred place to get my tea is Sonic because  1). they have Styrofoam cups, my fave, 2). the good ice, also my fave, and 3). it is close to my house and on the way to work. I pull into Sonic and realize that they aren’t open. I don’t know who’s idea to give the employees the day off but since they never get my order wrong I forgive them. I had to travel down to Jacks which is  definitely not my favorite because their tea is to dark. Moving on…I came back home after getting my tea so that BJ could go into work. He got called in and we were hoping he would be back home in time for our Thanksgiving meal. Family arrived, the meal was ready, and  BJ got home just in time. The meal was great and Grayson loved the turkey and stuffing. Seeing everyone was wonderful too. I love having all the family together.

Friday- We take our sweet time getting up  this morning. I don’t do Black Friday…so not worth it for me. I did, however, take Grayson and my mom out for lunch at our favorite Chinese place. I kinda lost a bet with mom so I owed her lunch…It was a good bet to lose. We  love that place! I come back home and put G down for  nap. He gets up with a snotty nose. This starts day one of our first head cold.

Saturday- Nursed my sweet sick baby.

Sunday- Nursed my sweet baby some more. Poor thing!

Monday- this ends my five day vacation. I welcome the morning by going to Sonic for my favorite tea…awww the little things.