Sunday, February 27, 2011

And so it begins...

A quick disclaimer: No I have not been admitted the hospital again, or been in another car accident, or having any contractions or pre-term labor, and yes Grayson is still hanging out safely in my belly. Just wanted to say that up front so my mom's blood pressure doesn't go through the roof. ;) Love you mom!
Pregnancy related swelling (or edema) has arrived. I am not happy about it at all. Yes I am stomping my feet with my hands on my hips! With around 6 weeks left with this pregnancy I thought for sure I could get away with a least a few more weeks without this concern. Oh my, I guess not. It started on Thursday and it took close to 24 hours to go away. I also was not feeling well on Thursday but that resolved by Friday morning. I have been bed bound pretty much the whole time since Thursday but I had the pleasure of having my sister's company on Friday while I was on bed rest. She brought me lunch and a movie. Thanks sis!  A lot people would call it typical pregnancy swelling but with absolutely no warning before the stroke last time, nothing is labeled typical. We are not terribly concerned at this point, doctor included, because my blood pressure continues to look fantastic so right now it is something we just have to keep an eye on. Rest, rest, and rest as well as water, water, and more water...that is what the doctor has ordered. I wonder if they see a flaw in that plan though? I am supposed to rest and drink a lot of water...but I spend a lot , I mean A LOT, of time going back and forth the bathroom because of the water....hmmmm. Seriously though, the water does work. I will talk to him more about it on Tuesday when I go in for my super lengthy appointment.

In other news, I am really enjoying the sunshine but I have had to become very creative on how to enjoy it since I can't do to much. If only I had a off roading wheel chair....a girl can dream! Right now I am sitting on the porch watching hubby plant the new plants we bought today. I can't wait to see how this yard is going to turn out!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

28 weeks and....

I am so tired.

To tired to even write anything significant and I sleep plenty it's just that this little one is taking all of my energy. Forgive me, maybe this weekend I can find the words. Everything is going just fine, I have had no cramping or contractions since my medication adjustment which has been really nice. Check back later and I will update again soon. Till then...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Interesting discovery at 3:00am...

I made a very interesting discovery early this morning
Yesterday Grayson was not moving as much as I wanted him to, he was moving, but I get very anxious when I don't feel a lot of activity during the day. With that, I went to bed with his activity on my mind and woke back up at 3:00am. I started telling BJ my concerns, he was getting ready for bed, and he wanted to come feel my belly for himself. I was lying on my left side so BJ had to feel on the right side of my belly.

He asked "You don't feel that?"
My response, "Feel what?"
He said,"He is kicking like crazy!"

Nope! I did not feel a thing...come to think of it, I have never felt him on my right side.

Pregnancy after a stroke....soooooooooo weird!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm back!

After a two week, much needed, blogging break, I am back! I would have made it three weeks but my family members get  a little antsy when I don't blog often enough for them.

I had my 27 week appointment yesterday with Dr. R. Everything still is looking pretty good. Nothing new to note this week anyway. Last week I went in for an unscheduled visit due to some pretty stubborn cramps and contractions. I had my meds adjusted and all has been well ever since. My cervix was not dilating and Grayson was up high and floating and not putting any pressure on my cervix either. Great news there! My goal last week was to be able to see Dr. R. in his office to avoid having to go to labor and delivery. I apparently carry around this red flag that scares all medical professionals and because of that, going in for a check will, and always will, result in an overnight stay or possibly longer. Dr. R. says "Can you blame them?" Nope I guess I can't! Better safe than sorry...

I am heading back on March 1st for my second glucose tolerance test and to get my first round of the steroid shot that will help mature Grayson's lungs. I will go back 24 hours later to receive another shot. I did ask Dr. R. this week if we continue with the plan as is and Grayson comes at 35 weeks will he have to go to the NICU. He was pretty sure that he would have to but depending on how everything went, he probably wouldn't have to be there long. He also said that  he has been very pleased with how things have gone so far and if they continue that way he is willing to wait till 36 weeks to deliver him too. 36 weeks is a little to close for comfort for me and he completely understands that. Bj and I, along with Dr. R., will make that decision closer to time.

And because I have had several people ask, no we don't have a date for his birthday yet and we won't know until closer to time, and no we are not planning it on or around anybody's birthday, anniversary, or work schedule. Our only concern is that Grayson comes into this world with a strong beating heart and able to breathe on his own.

For now the plan of attack is I will rest, rest, and do more resting until he makes his appearance. And for a few more body is officially rejecting my love for spicy foods...moving around has become strangely difficult already...and some of my short sleeve maternity shirts that I bought a few weeks back are already to small. How many more weeks till April gets here????

P.S. I am glad to be back on the blogging train, and I promise to do a better job on my updates Erin :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Missing Him

All is well!

I had my appointment with Dr. R. today and everything is looking good. No after effects from the accident.  My belly is measuring perfectly and my blood pressure looks great. No swelling or other signs of trouble. Yea!!

Today we talked a little bit more about our plan. He made the crack that I wanted it included in my plan that I will be having a VBAC at 39 weeks. He was only joking and was trying to make light of our visit with the maternal fetal specialist. I had to laugh with him...the recommendations are so ridiculous! He said that he had never seen me so fired up when I was talking to him about that doctor and I assured him that he should be very glad that I had a week to process the whole visit before I came back to see him. He also said something else to me as well, "We are almost there, you are going to do it". That  meant so much to  me. I truly value his opinion and how much care he has taken in insuring our health, and he has been so supportive.

I go back in two weeks!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

25 weeks

One week closer to our goal AND I managed to stay out of trouble since Thursday! Woo Hoo!!

Things have been going okay since the car accident.  I have been pretty sore since Saturday but they told me to expect that and I haven't had any cramps or contractions outside my normal. I have been a nervous nelly in the car but managing okay. If anyone has any tips on how to position the steering wheel for a pregnant lady please email me or leave a comment. I am trying to find the best position to be as far away from it as possible but with my short legs it has been difficult. I am in a rental car right now but hope to have my car back soon.

I am going to my doctor's appointment on Thursday but everything, pregnancy wise, is going well. My belly is growing rapidly and he is getting more active by the day. I still have an terrible urge to eat ALL the time and I have noticed that that great surge of energy you get during your second trimester is slowing going away. I guess this baby already knows that he is coming 5 weeks early so he has adjusted accordingly. HA! I talk to him often and have enjoyed sitting his nursery, rocking in his chair, and enjoying his movements.

Maybe next week I will get brave enough to post a picture of myself, without hubby here it makes it difficult to do so anyway. So this week you get the pleasure of getting to see Grayson's nursery bedding made with love by his GG. I love it and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to. My friend Sara will be very pleased with my color choices ;)
Coming up next! The wreath made by his Nana.