Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still here, still around....and still pregnant :)

Sorry, I needed a blogging break last week.

I have had two non-stress tests and doctor's appointments since the last time I wrote and I am happy to report that the baby is happy, the doctor is happy, so I am happy. Next week I will start going to the doctor twice a week with a non stress test at each visit until I deliver. Because I know that you are going to ask... nope, no birthday yet.

Grayson continues to grow and be healthy and with that, my belly continues to grow and I get more and more uncomfortable. I am just so short there just isn't a lot of room left in there for him. I am unfortunately just not a pleasant person to be around right now and my patience is super thin. I apologize now for any past, present, or future conversations where I might snap at you. Sorry, I just have very little control right now but know that I do try ;)

I now have my own personal babysitters, aka mom and Bryan, when BJ is working. God bless them for putting up with me! If anyone is interested in taking a turn just let me know! The only requirement is you have to be able to press a panic button in case of emergency...but there will be no emergency, as I look down at my belly and remind Grayson.

Now we just wait. Giving him some more time to grow and his lungs to develop....we are so excited to meet our baby boy!!!!

Made with Love-Part 3

This past week we got Grayson's long awaited painting from his Uncle Bryan.
Doesn't he have talent!  Grayson is so loved!!!


I got this in the mail today...

Just to be clear, I haven't received something in the mail with Brayden's name on in probably around two and half years. So someone is getting a phone call tomorrow to make sure that they are aware that Brayden, the child that they randomly decided to contact NOW, is no longer living. Thanks lady! I feel like I have been shot in the chest this afternoon.

My new favorite food!


Now I just need to find some more recipes to stick it in....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 years ago today...

We started dating.

I love you more and more each day!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Made with Love- Part 2

Grayson is one lucky boy!
Today he got a receiving blanket that was made by his Aunt Donna. It has an unique history which makes it even more special.
Thank you so much Aunt Donna! It means so much to me that you gave this to Grayson.

More to come!

Baby Shower

This past Tuesday my wonderful co-workers gave myself and Rachel  a baby shower. We are due just two weeks apart and it has been nice being able to share this time with someone who can relate. We celebrated the soon-to-arrive new baby boys at one of our co-workers house. It was really nice to spend time with these wonderful ladies outside of work. I really wanted to get a pictures of everyone but we got distracted with the great food and presents. ;) Here are some pictures.
Pretty Diaper Cake!

Yummy Cupcakes

The food was so good!

Opening some of my presents.

Grayson's goodies!!
I am so blessed to work with such a wonderful team! Thank you ladies!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Ready...

We are getting ready for our baby bunny to get here, hopefully just in time for Easter!

We are loving our new gift from Uncle Bryan! Thanks and love you!!

I just make big babies!

Yesterday was my 31 week appointment. We are winding down and I am now going every week and I will start the non-stress tests next week as well. My blood pressure looked good and everything was great on my side but now onto the main purpose of this post. We finally got a great view of Mr. Grayson!
 Take a look at our 4 pound 7 ounce beauty! Yep he is looking really good! He is measuring 9 days ahead which concerned me at first since Brayden was so big, but since he is coming early the bigger he is, the better. I just make big babies I guess?!?! He is growing appropriately and getting all  the nourishment  that he needs even though I haven't gained any weight in 4 weeks. He was practicing his breathing already so hopefully those steroid shots did their job. It was so great to see him after such a long wait!! We had a great appointment!

Just a side note here- I have come to realize that Grayson does not appreciate anyone invading his space and he especially does not enjoy any type of tests that I need to go through (glucose testing, ultrasounds). He fights back with the invasion of space with contractions, and even if I put the remote of my belly he is adamant about kicking it off. Picky, picky, picky!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Made With Love

With the birth of our second son it is obvious that we have plans to use some of  the same stuff that we used for Brayden, mainly just clothes. However, I wanted Grayson to have some of his own things, specifically made for him. Our family has really come through. Still waiting on Uncle Bryan's painting! GG made his bedding.
Nana made his wreath for the hospital.

Granny made a picture for his room.

And Aunt Erin made the letters of his name to go over his bed.

Everyone is very excited for his arrival and I truly appreciate each person that makes these special items just for him. More to come!

30 weeks

With around 5 weeks left to go, things have been going well and there has been no drama. Grayson and I are enjoying being a pregnancy pair.

While I will appreciate having my body back...I sure am going to miss this belly.
 Sorry I couldn't get a better picture but this is what I see everyday.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random ramblings from your neighborhood pregnant mom...

 "Is this your first child?"

This question just makes me feel so tired... for lack of a better word. I seem to hear this question a lot lately and with good reason. It is a perfectly logical question to ask but dang it makes me so tired. If it was a perfect world I would just surround myself with people that knew our son and our love for him and our pain when we had to let him go but that is not reasonable and would make for a very boring life. I enjoy meeting new people. I am an open book and I love to share about Brayden and answer questions but when I see the look on people's faces when I tell them  that I had a son that passed away and how uncomfortable it makes them just makes me want to lie about it and I hate to lie about it. I am a pregnant, emotionally-charged, tired, hormonal woman...what can I say?

Instead I think all mothers of angels should get together and come up with a word or a phrase that is universal that would help everyone understand that we do have child or children , they just physically are not here right now. We use words like widow or orphan to describe people that have lost their spouses or parents. I by no means want to have to possess one of those titles but my reality is that I have lost my son. What am I now? Once a mother...used to be a mother? Nothing seems right because once we conceived Brayden I was someones mother and nobody can take that away. I would love input from other mothers that have had this issue. Please speak up because we have this common bond where no one else can truly understand. Until then...this pregnant lady must go to bed.

Stay tuned for more random ramblings from your neighborhood pregnant mom!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

29 weeks

So I tried to take a picture of my 29 week belly but it was a little to difficult without the hubby here. Maybe next week. Anyways, I went in yesterday for my super lengthy doctor's appointment and, despite the troubles of the testing and needle poking, everything went well. I can not say it enough that I LOVE Dr. R. He makes me so calm!

I am not showing any signs of toxemia so we believe the swelling it just that...typical pregnancy related swelling. I keep my feet up at work(with doctor approval) and stay on the couch with my feet elevated at home. My house is a disaster when my husband is working but oh well. Cleaning can wait!

The glucose tolerance test take #2 was yesterday as well. I passed my the skin of my teeth...literally. My plans are to alter some of my meals to be more diabetic friendly even though I don't have gestational diabetes.  Better safe than sorry.

Unfortunately the appointment and my morning wasn't that great. I had to fast for the glucose test. The last time I did the fasting glucose test I ended up with horrible contractions so this time I took some protein bars and water with me to eat and drink once my test was complete. It still didn't work. I was overcome with contractions while sitting in the parking deck. Luckily I was due to take my next Procardia dose soon and with some Tylenol and even more water it resolved very quickly. I also got the first round of the steroid shot yesterday for Grayson's lungs and I am not proud to say that I almost fainted. I was quite a site to see yesterday let me  tell you. This shot is a thick consistency similar to a penicillin shot if you have ever had one and plus I am a big wuss to pain. I offered up my right side first because I have very little feeling on that side due to the stroke but I do feel pain, usually it is different than the left side and the pain is delayed. I think my body over reacts when I experience pain, hence the almost fainting. I knew it could go two ways...I wouldn't feel it or I would be in a world of hurt. I am guessing you know which way that went ;)

I went back today for  the second dose and I offered my left side and while it still hurt, it wasn't as bad. I am going back on March 15th for a growth ultrasound and then I will start the non-stress tests after that. It is getting closer with around 6 more weeks to go! I am getting very excited! I did mention to the doctor yesterday that since I suffered a minor nervous breakdown with last week's swelling, BJ and I want to nip this pregnancy in the bud at 35 weeks and he agreed. So there you go! A long update...but hopefully informative and possibly to much information...sorry about that!