Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm Back

Sorry for the neglected blog thing again. What can I say? I am a working mom and when I get home the only thing I want to do is spend time with my little man. Plus, during the normal day time hours he prefers to be held and if he isn't held, he complains... very VERY loudly. 

At Grayson's 8 week appointment he weighed 11 pounds and 13 ounces. He currently eats 5 ounces of milk every three to four hours. He is also be sleeping 9 to 9 1/2 hours at night for the last week. I feel like a normal person again. :) Some days he wants to nurse and some days he doesn't, but he takes the bottle just fine during the day so I am okay with that. I pump twice at home and three times at work and I have been able to keep up with him and we haven't had to dip into the freezer stash in awhile. The company that I work for offers the employees a hospital grade breast pump to use when we come back to work so I feel that that has really helped with increasing and keeping my milk supply up.

One of Grayson's favorite things to do during the day is dance and sing with daddy so I plan to enroll him in baby Kindermusik in the fall. I think we will love it. BJ goes back to work in two weeks and I don't think he is looking forward to it (I don't think Grayson is either). He has really enjoyed his time home with his boy. I am so glad that they have had this time together.

Otherwise we have fallen into a routine that suits us and we just continue to spend time and love on our little one. Here is a video of his most recent milestone...

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Things that have happened...
  • I went back to work and BJ started his time of being a stay at home dad. I am very tired and exhausted but we are making it through.
  • BJ and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Yay us!!
  • To celebrate our anniversary, we dropped Grayson off for the first time for the day with his GG and we spent the day in Auburn spending time together. It was great!
  • Grayson, even though he loves his GG, did not appreciate us leaving him. I  think I have a momma's boy on my hands.
  • I had my first "I just came back to work" appointment with our lactation consultant. We discovered that Grayson is tongue tied, well we already knew that, but he would have a more effective latch if we got it clipped.
  • Grayson had his appointment with his ENT and had his tongue clipped. Very easy, no recovery time, and he didn't need to be put to sleep or anything. He now has full use of his tongue!
  • At that appointment we found out he weighs 11 pounds and 6 ounces. Grow baby, grow!!
  • After much discussion between BJ and myself, we decided to take Grayson of the Zantac that his GI doctor put him on. He has since stopped spitting up. I knew we were right about our decision.
  • I had Grayson checked out by the most wonderful Physical Therapist ever because of some issues with his feet and he was pronounced typically developing. I am so relieved. I apparently know to much about CP and I tend to overreact but I am surrounded by wonderful professionals and mothers to pull me off of the ceiling.
That's about covers any important happenings in our lives. To fill in any other gaps, we spend time holding, hugging, and kissing our beautiful baby boy!
BJ is loving his time  at home with Grayson.

Cutest baby ever snuggling with Nana!

Sleeping, snoozing, and swinging on a Saturday morning.