Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Here I sit…

At the top floor of Children’s Hospital enjoying the view and the lights of the new hospital. I am listening to Little Man’s current DVD of Monsters Inc. and waiting patiently for his trach supplies to arrive.

We have had Little Man home for one month now and we are doing well. We are at the hospital right  now to get his central line replaced with a port. A port will be much easier to manage at  home and have less of a risk for infection. So far everyone at the hospital keeps commenting on how great Little Man looks. It is amazing what a family can do for a child and he has brought some wonderful blessings to us too. We really are doing well. He has gained around a pound since he has been home which is great because weight gain and growth is paramount for him and his diagnosis. He is also getting stronger everyday and we are enjoying watching him grow his developmental skills.

Grayson is doing ok with all the changes but he has become a big momma’s boy lately. He is usually attached to my hip. Thank goodness for my sling otherwise my back would be seriously hurting! (Shhh!I am secretly enjoying his need to be a mommas boy right now) He has decided to start walking lately. He has been fully capable for awhile but he has been taking his time and that’s ok. I am also not pushing him to get on a sippy cup right now due to all the changes in his little world lately. His bottle and his pup pup are his comfort so we won’t wean him off the bottle until things calm down some. We celebrated his first birthday a few weeks ago. I can’t believe he is a year old!! He is truly a miracle. He is so healthy and developing so well.

So right now, here I sit enjoying and loving this season of  life and the new experiences that have come from being a stay at home mom. I apologize for doing such a bad job on keeping the blog updated. I am have been very busy with my babies!!!