Saturday, July 31, 2010

Protein Please!!!

A majority of my diet has to be protein. Actually I need to get 60 grams of protein per day. For a normal size stomach, many don't even have to think about it but for me and my small stomach, it takes some planning. I typically eat 6 ounces at each meal and most of that is protein so it doesn't leave a lot for those pesky fruits and vegetables. Don't get me wrong! I do eat them, but not enough, so I have take a vitamin everyday.

One of my favorite morning meals in Egg Beaters and Sausage. But not just any sausage... soy sausage!
Don't laugh! It is actually pretty darn good. There is only one problem. The cost! Only six patties come in a box and I eat two a day so it doesn't really add up and you can't buy them in bulk. So I decided to try something different. Turkey Sausage!!.....It was the most horrible thing ever!! I tried to season it but I could never make it work so I went back to my soy sausage. When Hubby and I were at the grocery store on Thursday I saw Turkey bulk...for a better price! I figured I would try it. I am not really a big fan of bacon when it is in things like salads, sandwiches, etc. but I can eat it for breakfast. Turns out that it is not that bad.
 The only problem came in when I needed to measure it. I had to make four pieces and my meal still only measured out to be 4 ounces. So I either need make more egg beaters, more bacon(really can't handle any more salt!), or maybe a half of a sandwich thin toasted. I guess I will keep fiddling with it until I have 6 ounces of food but I am glad that I have found a better, less costly, way to eat my protein in the morning!

Friday, July 30, 2010

A House, A Home

This is my fourth night in our new home. I have been enjoying the space, the comfort, the quiet, and the crickets. On our first night together in our new home we enjoyed a pizza picnic, and on our second night I got a horrible migraine. Still trying to shake it and I am still not quite myself two days later but I truly love returning back home every evening.
Now the countdown has begun to get everything ready for the long awaited visit from my aunt and cousin.The house won't be decorated but my hope is that it will be unpacked just in time for their arrival.
We brought Brayden here this past Sunday and he was tucked safely away in our master closet where no mover would even has reason to go. I was glad I was able to find a decision that I was comfortable  with, crazy or not. Now I am  heading to the direction of my comfortable bed where I will try some different medications for my head to try and shake this pain off of me, and then I will listen to the crickets and drift off and dream. Night everyone...

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am lacking the Internet at our new house for the moment but stay tuned for an update soon!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Book for the Week

So while we were taking all the boxes and stuff out of the attic, I found this book that I bought and read shortly after Brayden was born. It is called The Elephant in the Playroom and it is written by many parents sharing their struggles and strengths while raising their children with special needs. Most of the disabilities mentioned in this book are centered around Autism and emotional and mental disorders. However, there is a few(maybe a couple) of stories that relate to Cerebral Palsy.

So this week I have been reading it again. What I like about this book is that it is very honest and truly shows the struggles that some parents go through when raising a special needs child. It's raw and even somewhat scary at times. I do wish that they would have portrayed a better variety of children with special needs including medical and physical disabilities. Since I have found this book, I remembered that I had my eye on a similar book with a better variety of special needs. I will let you know how it turns out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

So this is how it goes...

So we surprised and shocked that we were able to close on the house on Wednesday. I am officially a homeowner. The responsibilities of that is a little overwhelming...but I am so happy that we are finally in this stage of life.

So now we move into moving. I have packers coming on Monday and movers coming on Tuesday. I cleaned the house today and installed the shelving in the Master closet.

The only other thing I need to decide on is Brayden. I have continued to put this off for awhile now mainly because I got very anxious and emotional when we first talked about moving him. Just to be clear for those that don't know. We had our son cremated. I am not crazy, or nutty, or senile...I am a mother. So if this post gets to be a little to much for you, you don't have to read it. Anyways...I DO NOT feel comfortable with the moving company actually moving Brayden. The thought of it sends me into a panic. I also do not want him at here when they are packing and moving for fear that he will be knocked over or fall from the current place that he resides. So I have a few options to consider and I will have to make the decision by tomorrow.

Option One: I can take him to the new house tomorrow and put him in a safe place where the movers would have no reason to even notice him.

Option Two: I can take him to my parents house and leave him over there for two days.

Option Three: I can take him to work with me those two days. (Keeping in mind that my coworkers don't mind and I can keep him out of view to others.)

So those are my choices. I understand that many people don't understand this current issue I am having but all I can say is that I am a mother and I can't apologize for my feelings. However, I am glad that I can write it out and hopefully come back with some clarity and I appreciate those that read this entire all over the place, crazy post!

Now I am going to eat some dinner, wait for my hubby to get home, and enjoy one of my last nights in our Homewood house! Happy Weekend everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bumps in the Road

So not everything can go off without a hitch. Our closing has been delayed till Friday due to...well, I would use the awful bad words I want to use but I will contain myself...the idiot that is handling our mortgage. Lesson number 1 for the bank!! Never give your poor new guy to a married couple that has been well established in your bank for several years and does all of their business with said bank. I believe our point has been heard and hopefully we can continue on and close on Friday. I did, however, have to move our move date till Monday. So hopefully Aunt Elizabeth and little Elizabeth won't be to critical if we aren't completely moved in ;).

Also, I just recently found out about a good friend of mine that is in need of some prayers. Since I have not been given permission to share her story yet, just know that she is facing a tough road ahead of her.

P.S. I have been craving sweets like crazy!!! I believe it is the stress but I hope the stress doesn't cause me to gain weight. I am praying for control!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I found the camera cord!!

Finally I can post the pictures of my soon to be house!
Here is the living room.

Now onto the kitchen!!!! Isn't it pretty!

Some pictures of my pretty appliances.

Us is our new kitchen. I am so blessed!

Bedroom number 1 for a possible, future, maybe baby.

The main bath.

This used to be a bedroom but the seller turned it into a laundry room. I love it!

Bedroom number 2. Hubby's office until we finish out the basement.

Our Master Bedroom.

And the Master Bath.

We have everything planned to close on Wednesday(we will see if the bank gets it together), the packers on coming on Thursday and the movers on Friday. Hopefully we will be almost completely unpacked by the time my aunt and cousin get here in August. Can't wait!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Technical Problems

So there is a problem. I took pictures of the house BUT I can't find my camera cord! Frustrating!! Hopefully soon I will have the pictures up for everyone to see. Right now our (current) house is in a state of confusion as we have pulled everything out of our attic so the packers and movers don't have to. There is very little room to walk and after seeing what came down from the attic I am looking forward to getting rid of most of it. Anyone is welcome to pick through it before we send it to Hannah Home!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The House

So here is the run down on the house. We are closing next week on the 21st....we think! Apparently this is all up in the air till the very last minute. They need this piece of paperwork, they need to come out and look at that thing, etc, etc. Here is the problem. The bank says that we can close on the 21st, BUT I have got to teach a class that day and Hubby has got to work. So we have been able to work it out that the closing is scheduled for 11:30 that day. Which means I have got to high tail it out of work to be on the other side of town and all this needs to be down by 2:00 for Hubby to go to work. Everyone has assured me that this can be done!! We will see....if, and only IF they bank has everything ready to go for the 21st.

Dear Lord help me, if we don't close on the 21st I am going to be one unhappy person because then I have got to reschedule the movers. They are coming on 23rd to pack and move us. I am just hoping all the stars align and everything goes off without a hitch. Here's to hoping!!

This Friday I have it scheduled to do the final walk through and I will post my pictures then. I can't wait to be in our new house. We have waited so long!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Be prepared....

I am changing the blog again. I just don't like this one. I will also post an update on the house soon! Good night, sweet dreams!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coming Soon!!!

Our new home!! A 3 bedroom, two bath with a full, unfinished basement. We are closing on the 21st and moving in on the 23rd!!! I will post more pictures after our final walk through. We can't wait!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Do you like my new design on the blog? I get bored easily if you haven't noticed! Not much has been going on. Still working and such. We close on our new house in two weeks!! I plan to take some pictures when we do the last walk through. Can't wait!!! Things are FINALLY moving forward. My black cloud has lifted for the moment and I believe and hope it will stay away for awhile.

Something new!! We have been going to the young adult special needs bible study for several weeks now and I absolutely love it! I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. You know I always thought that the infants and toddlers that I work with are unique and special in their own way but I have figured out why they shine to me. They have a special connection to God that the rest of us(speaking for myself) don't have. They are pure and innocent and I can feel their prayers going to right to His heart. On my first visit with them, to hear their prayer requests was so overwhelming. It is like I knew that if I really needed prayer they would be there. I felt so protected. The ladies that have been running the bible study have been so thankful that we are there and have told us that often, but the truth is, is that these young people have helped me more than I think they can even understand. I am so happy that we have decided to this. Hubby and I have both been going and we hope to help them grow their program.

So that is all I have for now. Just enjoying sitting on the couch with my Hubby playing on our computers. Hopefully I will have something more to post tomorrow.

P.S. I have lost two and half pounds since my adjustment last week!! Yea!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Friend

This is my friend and her name is Eliot. She thought that I had "lost" her...soooo I came and "found" her. This is a picture from our visit. My previous co-workers thought that I came to see them but I really didn't. Seeing them was just a bonus! I came to find Eliot, my friend! ;)