Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday

CAUTION!! CAUTION!!! This post is picture HEAVY!

Today, the beginning of my week and most people's week, was a very busy day. I had five kiddies scheduled, four of those were one hour visits. I don't know why I scheduled such heavy days for a Monday. I guess I am just nuts! Anyways, today I was seeing children and was co-treating with my very favorite speech therapist, Jennifer. We started with getting a company car. NUMBER 4 WOO HOO!! Okay I wasn't really all that excited about the car, but I was pleased that it was mostly clean and there wasn't any leftover food in it. Don't ask...

This is after our first visit where, during that first visit, I made our speech therapist, Jennifer, go into another room so my kid would talk to me. Ironic much? I don't care much for this picture.

We stopped in a church parking lot to eat a snack since we were early to our next appointment.

But then suddenly we were distracted by something(or easily distracted)...
We drove a little closer...

and we discovered

a pack of dogs!!

Seven of them to be exact.

This is me leaving our second house. One hour sessions sometimes requires a lot of toys. In total I am carrying one bag for books, two bags of toys, and pop up toy that wouldn't fit into the bag.

While driving to our third house I snapped a picture of the church...

and my toes. Just because!

Welcome to Center Point!

Graffiti... So shameful

We stopped to have some lunch and we had...

Just kidding!!! Never during working hours!

We were, again, early to our next appointment and stopped into our neighborhood thrift store. We restrained ourselves and didn't buy anything although we were considered purchasing this Jeep with the hope of saving on mileage. HA!

Somebody owes Center Point some money!!

Walking into our last visit. Such a long day!

YEA!!! We are finally done for the day!

Whewww what a long day! Despite that, we saw all of our kiddies, all the kids did really well, and we laughed a lot.

Jennifer I really enjoyed your company today and I am happy that we are such great friends! Maybe we can do this again about two weeks ;).

I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Monday!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Saying Goodbye....

To my blood pressure meds!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!! If I could do a cartwheel I would!! Go me! Go me!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Angry Esophagus

Do you ever have a part of your body that absolutely despises you? Breaks down when things are going well? It malfunctions just to be mean?? Well I do. My Angry Esophagus!!! Around three years ago I started having constant reflux or also referred to as GERD(Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). GERD is very common is overweight people, or people who are pregnant, and even people that have no common factors to develop this. I got it when I was pregnant. Some people only get some heartburn towards the end of there pregnancy but NOOOOO!!! I was the lucky one to suffer from it my whole pregnancy and it never went away. My Rolaids were candy to me. It had gotten to the point that I needed a very expensive prescription medicine to control it.

When I decided to have the lap band surgery I was very excited to hear that the heartburn would be no more. I could finally say goodbye to my angry esophagus. Did you know that my angry esophagus could cause a change in the inner lining of the esophagus that could lead to cancer? Did you also know that it causes dental problems, hoarseness and chronic cough, strictures, ulcers, and bronchospasms?? I was sure glad that he was going because I have enough issues!

Shortly after the surgery I was able to stop taking my daily medicine to control my angry esophagus but last week I was plagued again by horrible reflux and heartburn. If you know me well you know that I tend to overreact just a little bit ;). I was worried that my band had slipped or that my pouch was dilated, all things that could lead to removal of my band. Luckily my band was only to tight and once they took out some fluid I did feel better. I now have a new appreciation for my angry esophagus for letting me know of the problem but I still hope that it never...ever... comes back!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I love flowers.
I have always wanted to travel overseas.
My favorite movie is Gone With The Wind.
I love to read.
I have always wanted a tongue ring.
I love natural light.
Water is my favorite drink.
The smells of vanilla and turkey give me migraines.
I have no sense of fashion when it comes to picking out purses.
I have a guilt problem.
I HATE to cook.
I LOVE to sleep.
I don't like confrontation.
I like to put lotion of my feet before going to bed.
I like to watch Golden Girls reruns before going to bed.
I don't like coffee.
I have a huge sweet tooth.
I love spicy food.

Just some truths that you may not have known about me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why do children flock towards me???

I love children. I really do. I hope to have several one day, but I would really like to know why children pick me out of a crowd and think I am their new best friend? For example, I live on a very busy street and a lot of neighbors. It is a beautiful day out and most of the neighbors are cleaning out their cars or hanging outside with their kids and their friends. One little boy who lives on the far left of my place felt the need to talk to me while I was struggling to carry in groceries. Not just to say hello but to actually try to have a back and forth conversation while I am in my work out clothes because it is laundry day, no makeup because I am lazy, and an arm full of groceries including a 24 pack of Diet Dr Pepper. I look around and they are plenty other adults around to converse with why me? Do I give off some kind of scent that says "Hey! I work with children and I can be your new best friend!". If this only happened today then I wouldn't ask the question but it happens all the time. I enjoy being friendly with other people and their children, and I do appreciate the fact that these children feel that I am a safe person to come up to but come on. Like I mentioned, I do love children... but right now...I am off duty ;)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Update- Post Up Week 7

Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been so crazy! Anyways, I went to the doctor for my 6 week checkup and I got my first adjustment. The put 5cc into my band and I go back in 3 weeks for another adjustment. As of this week I have lost 22.2 pounds total! I am very excited about that because the scale wasn't moving as much the week before my adjustment. I have also found a new way to exercise on the weekends...hiking! My first hiking trip was to Oak Mountain last week and apparently we chose a very challenging trail. Needless to say I freaked out several times with the thought that I was going to fall down the mountian. It was quite embarrassing when you are clinging to a tree trying to figure out a way that you can stay there forever just so you don't have to keep going. I will have to say that I did it and I was happy when were done! It was great exercise and my legs hurt for 4 days. So that is about it. Happy Easter everyone!!!