Tuesday, November 30, 2010

16 weeks

Today is 16 weeks into my pregnancy. I went to the doctor this morning and everything continues to look very good. My blood pressure is nice and low and I have gained 6 pounds. I assume some of that weight gain is from the Thanksgiving holiday ;). I continue to crave spicy foods, really spicy foods, and red meat. I have a hard time even looking at chicken now without feeling nauseous. It's funny because I used to always prefer chicken over any other meat. Go figure!! I have started to feel some fluttering from the baby for the last few weeks and as of 14 weeks I have had to wear maternity shirts. The baby's heartbeat was going at 170 beats per minutes which seems to be his or hers average. It was a great and encouraging appointment!

We have our anatomy scan set for December 20th so I can finally pacify everyone's curiosity about the little one's gender. I am also having a metabolic profile done that day as well to check up on my kidneys. We would love to have some prayers for that morning, if you feel inclined, for our ultrasound and the checkup of my kidneys. After that we go to meet the Maternal Fetal Specialist. Weeks seem to be passing by so quickly!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

His Story

Thursday was the day that I got the chance to truly honor and share the story of my beautiful baby boy. This was the second time that I have been honored to be apart of a parent panel sharing our journey with other Early Intervention professionals and fellow parents. I have been able to meet some wonderful ladies with children in early intervention all the way up to high school. We had a great, large, and responsive crowd. The presentation started with each parent sharing their story and I had to go last. Pregnant, hormonal lady. Bad idea!! By then most of the parents on the panel had shed some tears. I made it through telling Brayden's story until the last picture that was shown of him. That picture was taken two days before he died. Many tears were shed but I felt I honored him well. After everyone shared their story we got a chance to answer questions and offer advice to the many service providers and parents in attendance. I felt honored to been apart of an elite group that is chosen to love and parent a child with special needs. At the end, we were each asked to give some advice to other parents with child with special needs. With myself being in a different place than most of the parents on the panel I said this, " Love your child, Don't think about what your child can't do or won't be able to do just love them for who they are." I am glad that I was given the chance to  be apart of Brayden's life and a chance to love him.

Below is all the wonderful parents on  the panel. Some I have met before or have known a long time, and some I was able to hear their story and get to know them for the first time. What a great group of people that have come to honor their babies.

14 weeks, 6 days

As I am heading into my 15th week, things are going pretty well. I had a doctors appointment this past week and everything is looking good. They were having trouble finding the little one's heartbeat which was very stressful but the doctor was able to find it. The baby's heartbeat is holding steady at 175 beats per minute! I don't think Brayden's heartbeat was ever that high, mid 150's tops! At this point I have only gained three pounds and my blood pressure has been nice and low. If things continue to go this well, I can see us waiting until 35 weeks to deliver this baby. Right now it is a toss up between 34 or 35 weeks. Unfortunately the nausea has come back so I have been a bit discourage about that, but I am telling myself that it won't last forever. I continue to crave anything spicy! I am also craving ground beef and I feel bad that my poor husband's diet has now been limited to tacos and hamburgers. So if anyone has some good recipes using ground beef, please humor the pregnant lady and send it to me! My husband will truly thank you ;) I go back  in about a week to do some basic, non-invasive genetic testing and a normal checkup. I update then!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

13 weeks

Today I am 13 weeks and so thankful that it appears that the nausea is becoming a memory. So far I have only put on one pound and my blood pressure has been nice and low. My belly is popping out a little as you can kind of see in the picture below, and my food cravings have been anything involving red meat and jalapenos. It's crazy, I know! I am headed to the doctor next week for a routine exam and  then hopefully we will set a date for our anatomy ultrasound! I can't wait to see this little one dancing again!!!

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