Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Oh My!!!… Has it really been a whole month since I last wrote??? Shame on me!
Seriously though, things have been busy and packed and nuts! Here are some tid bits from the last month.
  • The Yankees(AKA my northern family) came for a visit and we had a wonderful time! I think they finally realized the benefit of NOT visiting Alabama in August ;)
  • We seemed to have settled into our new normal. The boys and I have our routine going pretty well now and we are working with the same three nurses each nurses each week which is nice.
  • Little Man has started to have spells and we are pretty sure he is having seizures but we are awaiting his 24 video EEG to be sure. SO not happy about this. I don’t like dealing with neurologists. They never have anything nice to say at least in my experience and they scare me. I am just praying  that this is just a tiny bump in the road and these seizures are not causing any permanent damage to his brain.
  • Grayson has been an absolute riot lately. When I do something he does not like, he will hang his head and pretend to cry. To much drama from a toddler!
  • Little Man is rolling all over the place lately and he gets really angry if you try to contain him to the play mat. So he has free range of the house now.
  • Grayson is loving giving kisses to people right now…granted it has to be on his terms  but it is still very cute.
  • Little Man has started the Bell Center and he really seems to be enjoying it.
  • Little Man can now sit up on his own!
  • Grayson is Mr. Independent now and walks up and down the steps by himself.
  • I found out Friday that our nursing agency is closing down so now I have to find a new one.  I was very disappointed and I am not looking forward to having to change to another agency. In fact it makes me very anxious to think about .
  • Unfortunately, even though my kids don’t attend daycare, they still get sick like they do  for some reason so we have had to endure some more sickie bugs this month as well. This time it even got me which was no fun. Mommy can’t afford to be down and out!
  • The kids are getting heavy… I know this because I have been having constant pain in my left hand and wrist. I tend to rely on my left side since the stroke and I hold the kids on that side. I am wearing a brace every now and then but I am thinking I may need to wear it more full time until the pain goes away.
  • I managed to get the boys to a pumpkin patch. Even though I got 5 phone calls while we were there, we had a great time!
  • I really wish we had the money to someone to answer the phone for me. One week I am going to actually count how many phone calls I get. You will be shocked.
  • Tonight, to hopefully avoid more sick bugs, we are keeping  it low key and only treat or tricking at a few houses. Little Man is going to be a pumpkin and Grayson is going to be a Dragon.

Searching for the best pumpkin!
Just being cute.
Face Painting

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