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November 6th, 2012


In memory of our sweet Brayden Anthony. 282










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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Oh My!!!… Has it really been a whole month since I last wrote??? Shame on me!
Seriously though, things have been busy and packed and nuts! Here are some tid bits from the last month.
  • The Yankees(AKA my northern family) came for a visit and we had a wonderful time! I think they finally realized the benefit of NOT visiting Alabama in August ;)
  • We seemed to have settled into our new normal. The boys and I have our routine going pretty well now and we are working with the same three nurses each nurses each week which is nice.
  • Little Man has started to have spells and we are pretty sure he is having seizures but we are awaiting his 24 video EEG to be sure. SO not happy about this. I don’t like dealing with neurologists. They never have anything nice to say at least in my experience and they scare me. I am just praying  that this is just a tiny bump in the road and these seizures are not causing any permanent damage to his brain.
  • Grayson has been an absolute riot lately. When I do something he does not like, he will hang his head and pretend to cry. To much drama from a toddler!
  • Little Man is rolling all over the place lately and he gets really angry if you try to contain him to the play mat. So he has free range of the house now.
  • Grayson is loving giving kisses to people right now…granted it has to be on his terms  but it is still very cute.
  • Little Man has started the Bell Center and he really seems to be enjoying it.
  • Little Man can now sit up on his own!
  • Grayson is Mr. Independent now and walks up and down the steps by himself.
  • I found out Friday that our nursing agency is closing down so now I have to find a new one.  I was very disappointed and I am not looking forward to having to change to another agency. In fact it makes me very anxious to think about .
  • Unfortunately, even though my kids don’t attend daycare, they still get sick like they do  for some reason so we have had to endure some more sickie bugs this month as well. This time it even got me which was no fun. Mommy can’t afford to be down and out!
  • The kids are getting heavy… I know this because I have been having constant pain in my left hand and wrist. I tend to rely on my left side since the stroke and I hold the kids on that side. I am wearing a brace every now and then but I am thinking I may need to wear it more full time until the pain goes away.
  • I managed to get the boys to a pumpkin patch. Even though I got 5 phone calls while we were there, we had a great time!
  • I really wish we had the money to someone to answer the phone for me. One week I am going to actually count how many phone calls I get. You will be shocked.
  • Tonight, to hopefully avoid more sick bugs, we are keeping  it low key and only treat or tricking at a few houses. Little Man is going to be a pumpkin and Grayson is going to be a Dragon.

Searching for the best pumpkin!
Just being cute.
Face Painting

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Happenings

  • On Sunday we had planned to have a relaxing day at the park with my father in law and his wife. Grayson had fun but was a bit of a crab apple and Little Man was having some issues with some coughing.
  • On Monday I got to go and show off Little Man to all of his friends at the hospital. His social worker was doing a presentation about him and it was great to be able to show everyone how great he was doing!
  • Little Man got the cold that Grayson and hubby had. He went down hill very quickly Monday night and was on 3.5 liters of O2. He is on a round of steroids and I hope after this round that he continues to fight this thing off.
  • We really had a quiet week this week. We only had one appointment  and that went well for Little Man and the rest of the time we got to stay home and do normal things.
  • I didn’t have a nurse on Friday so I packed up the kids for my 8:00am doctor’s appointment. After that, we went to the park, then the library( which both boys loved), then we walked around Trussville. We are LOVING this weather!
  • I am, however, not loving my kids behavior. All the fit throwing is wearing on my nerves and the two of them feed off of each other! Sometimes it is very entertaining to watch, most times it is not. Don’t let Little Man fool you, he is very aware and very smart, he can throw a fit with the best of them.
  • I got two blissful days of sleeping in courtesy of my wonderful mommy and daddy and sister who gave up her room for him two days in a row!! They  kept Grayson  overnight and we had a nurse for Little Man so hubby and I could get some rest. God Bless family!
  • I’m thinking of dressing the boys up as smurfs for Halloween, or monsters, or thing one and thing two. I just can’t make up my mind!!
  • Grayson got some big boy sneakers.
  • I’m really excited for the coming week because we have family coming to town!!!
  • I am redoing my laundry room a little bit to make it more functional. If anyone has been to my home, I have a laundry room that was previously a bedroom.  Usually I just wash and dry the clothes and throw them  on our bed to fold but I am so tired of trying to keep up with that. So, I have bought I garment rack from Aldi’s for $9.99 and now I am looking for a small table to fold on. So far everything is working a lot better and I am actually keeping all the laundry in the laundry room. Which, by definition, where the laundry should be.
  • My blue kitchen has come together quite nicely.
I must go to bed because we have a very early morning ahead of us tomorrow. Little Man has an IVIG infusion that will last all day and we have to be there at 8:o0am. Until next time…

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday Fun at the Zoo!!

Caution!!! Picture heavy post but comes with super cute kiddies!!
Recently the boys and I got to spend some time with my cousin and her little one, Silas, at the zoo. We all needed a fun day after all the sickness that passed through the house. I feel so blessed  that my cousin and I get along so well and our children are so close in age. It is so wonderful to share this season of life with someone. Here is some pictures of our trip. I apologize for the quality of the photos , these kids move really quickly and it was hard to capture that Kodak moment.
***Just a little side note. Little Man  was there on this trip to the zoo. I just can’t show his picture online and it kills me because you are missing out on some serious cuteness.
Our first stop, trying to find the fishies or the Nemo’s as Grayson calls them.
I tried to convince the boys that the Anaconda could eat them but they didn’t seemed convinced or scared for that matter.
We had fun on the carousal and the train ride!!007
Our little diggers!! I swear they would have stayed there all day if we let them.
 011 013 014 015 020 025035
     The Red Panda was a big hit! I love this age, they loved to watch the animals move around.
We had such a fun time and can’t wait to do it again!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekly Happenings

I meant to post yesterday but the toddlers got the best of me. Surely you can forgive me!
  • We started off the week on Sunday with  a trip to the park with Nana and Grandpa. Grayson enjoyed the slide and Little Man enjoyed the swings. Then we had lunch with GG and Granddaddy where Grayson found a new love for ranch dressing. Lord help me he will want to dip everything now.
  • We started the week with a promise that we weren’t going to watch any movies unless it was 30 minutes before naptime or 30 minutes before bedtime ( or any other time deemed fit by mommy).
  • On Monday Little Man laid on his play mat and cried about it and Grayson kept getting Finding Nemo out of the DVD case and trying to stick it in the Playstation while handing me the remote and yelling Nemo Nemo!! The poor kids. Unfortunately the fit throwing about the movies continued throughout the week, even more so when the Playstation quit working and they couldn’t watch their 30 minutes before naptime.
  • Little Man had a visit from his EI therapist this week and he decided throw one heck of a toddler tantrum. Since there was nothing wrong with him, I just let him do it and when he was done,(or when he realized that she wasn’t going to leave) he finally played with Ms. Megan. 
  • Little Man also had  Physical Therapy this week and he rocked it!! Ms. Laurel was so impressed!
  • Little Man has been my little clingy monkey this week and I am loving it.
  • Grayson and I got to get out of the house and do some shopping this week. We like to take our time and I love that one on one time I get with him.
  • We got to go on  a play date this week to the zoo and we had a great time! Pictures to follow on a different post.
  • Little Man’s social worker came out to the house on Saturday for a few minutes. Literally just a few minutes so I have nothing else to add.
  • Grayson has a cold again the poor thing! I just hope we can keep it contained and Little Man doesn’t get it. We will see…

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Shopping List

This morning, after making Grayson his waffle, I started a shopping list. The only thing on there was butter. I had intended to go out tomorrow morning to pick up a few things and as the day went on the list grew.
This evening Hubby and I were discussing options for dinner. I was voting for frozen pizza because I’m lazy like that but he didn’t want that.
I suggested tacos but we were lacking in the correct tortillas, seasonings and lettuce so I added it to the list
He suggested breakfast for dinner but we were lacking eggs so I added it to the list.
Running out of feasible options, we decided on sandwiches and wouldn’t you know it we were out of bread! My quick trip to the store has now turned into a full out shopping trip  for tomorrow. UGGHHH!  But we did have a very a nice dinner of pasta and homemade Italian sausage.