Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Top 10!

Two months ago, hubby and I agreed to move into a townhouse. I feel like we are living the life of luxury. Here are my top ten wonderful things about our new home.

10. We now have a kitchen table. No more table trays for us! It had been so long since we had good dinner conversation without a tv on.
9. We have windows! Our old place had two windows and our new one has many. Natural light does a lot for your attitude.
8. More rooms! Now hubby and I can work in separate rooms and not get on each others nerves.
7. Privacy! I am now able to walk around in whatever attire I see fit (except when I have to take the dog out).
6. Stove! No more hot plates, toaster oven, and other kitchen gadgets. We can now cook our dinner using only one appliance.
5. Dishwasher!!! Oh, how long I have waited!
4. Bathtub! Seriously, this is our first bathtub in about two and a half years.
3. We live in a new town that provides many new places to explore.
2. hmmmm... I am running out of things... I should have made this my top 5!
1. I am able to watch the end of my morning show that ends at 7:00 and still make it to work at 7:05!

While I am enjoying our new place, I still have fond memories of our old place. We were so blessed to be able to live there and get back on our feet. We may move on but that place will always have a piece of my heart!