Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekly Happenings

  • We were supposed to travel to see family on Labor Day but Little Man ended up being admitted to the hospital due to a fever. I think we lucked out because it rained anyway and little man and I had a fantastic view of Birmingham on the 9th floor of the new  hospital at Children’s.
  • Little Man fared pretty well at the hospital and he was diagnosed with something viral (mostly likely Roseola from his brother) but  we had to stay an extra day so he can get a blood transfusion. He was really happy to come home on Wednesday and was even more happy to see his daddy walk through the hospital room door that afternoon. So wonderful to see…
  • I did my best to bite my tongue when I had to deal with two medical residents on two separate occasions that seemed hell bent on irritating the stew out of me. I behaved myself and smiled.
  • I came home on Wednesday to see my Grayson and his runny nose. The circle of germs is complete.
  • On Monday I came home shortly to get some things for myself and little man and I started some laundry. On Wednesday I came home again and started some laundry. On Thursday I started the laundry. On Friday I started the laundry…..It is Saturday and I can officially say that I have washed, dried,  folded, and put away everything.
  • Grayson has taken to carrying his cell phone everywhere (an old flip phone that we pulled out for him). He loves to talk on it and his favorite person to talk to is Jesus! It  goes something like this… He puts the phone to his ear  and says “Hello, Jesus?”  The funniest thing I have ever seen. I wonder if I get roaming charges for that?? Surely phone calls to Jesus are toll free?
  • Little man has found a new love for his tongue and loves to stick it out! SO cute!
  • It has become painfully obvious that I have to get the boys away from watching  so much movies. And before I get people telling me that it not appropriate for toddlers to be watching television, save it.  Trust me, I am aware. That is all Little Man could do while he sat in the hospital for 14 months so it has taken him some time to get adjusted.  It has been his comfort for so long so we needed to take it slow on weaning him off the videos.
  • So Grayson knows how to say please and thank you but apparently we need to work on keeping  feet off of the table.
  • Little man pooped on one of our nurses today.
  • I bought bell peppers today and I decided to make fajitas for dinner. Good thing because after I cleaned out the fridge this afternoon I realized I had a ridiculous amount of tortillas. Hubby said that dinner was very good and he will  no longer make fun of my cooking abilities. I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or not?007
  • After several days of trying, I was finally able to take a nap today. It felt good to finally catch up on some of the sleep that I lost at the hospital. Little Man has been sleeping a lot too.
  • I let the boys experiment with bell peppers today. Grayson tasted an orange one, made a face and then put it on the couch. Little man held it for a minute and let me put it to his lips. After that he swatted it away and no longer wanted to play. Ha!
Until next time!

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