Saturday, January 29, 2011

The last 48 hours...

Now that I have had some food and some decent rest, I will hopefully be able to form some decent, coherent thoughts on the last 48 hours.

First off, let me start by saying that I am really considering living in a padded room covered in bubble wrap until April because I am at a loss of words and understanding at this point.

Anyway, let me just dive right in. On Thursday I was heading to a meeting and I noticed an ambulance, lights flashing and siren blaring, coming towards me and turning left in front of me so I slowed down. Well the lady behind me didn't and she crashed into the back of my car. While I was wearing my seat belt, I hit the steering wheel and the top portion on  my stomach hit as well, my airbag did not deploy. My only thoughts at this point were that we have come  this far only to lose Grayson because of a car accident. It is dark and morbid I know but after losing one child it becomes your reality. People stopped to help us, the other lady was not injured just shook up, and I asked for an ambulance because of my past history of placenta abruption and pre-term contractions with this pregnancy. I was a wreck with crying and pretty shook up too so I couldn't really tell if I was having contractions at this point. I was loaded up and taken the three blocks to UAB where they took me straight to the Maternity Evaluation Unit since the ER prefers to sends anyone over 14 weeks too. When I was being wheeled ino the MEU the cramping started. At this point I had already handed my "in case of emergency" , a list of important medical history and information, to the medical staff. I was immediately hooked up to a monitor and heard his sweet, wonderful heartbeat. The doctor did an immediate ultrasound to check for trauma and abruption and the baby seemed okay. The doctor explained that I would be kept there for either 4 or 23 hours. Once he heard my medical history(my records were immediately faxed over) there was no way he was letting me out the door for at least 23 hours. During all of this, my boss came over to sit with me until BJ got there which was so nice to have a familiar face there. They got an IV started(I made it out if only a few bruises because my veins kept blowing), the doctor examined me(no changes to my cervix thank the Lord for that one) and then I was transferred over to Labor and Delivery. My husband and father in law got there shortly before that and my mom shortly after.

So I was monitored for the next 23 hours and Grayson did very well at staying on the monitor. They told me that they are usually chasing around the 24 weekers because they squirm more. I saw a lot of his personality in that 23 hours, his aim at kicking that exact place of his monitor was very comical. The cramping stopped after 2 hours and we are thankful for that. Our night was not very restful but we figured it would not be plus I was very hungry since I couldn't eat. People have been asking why they wouldn't let me eat but there is a good reason. I did not need food in my stomach if they had to do anything emergent like a c-section. It is the same reason why they tell people don't eat after midnight the night before a surgery, they are not trying to be cruel, just safe.

After our 23 hours were up we were able to come home and the reality of the situation finally hit me. It could have been a lot worse and I am so thankful that we both came out of this okay. I want to thank everyone that was/is praying for us. Someone else's hand was on me and Grayson during and after our accident.

Today I am thankful that I am only a little sore but otherwise okay and I am cherishing each movement and kick that Grayson is making.

P.S. I have no idea about the extent of the damage to my car or the other person, I didn't stick around to look but I will have a rental car for this week.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Surprise Surprise!!

I do NOT have Gestational Diabetes (Insert sarcastic tone here and rolling of the eyes)! Heck even my OBGYN rolled his eyes. I met with him today and expressed my disgust for the specialist that we met last week and told him that I no longer want that specialist involved in my care. He completely agreed after hearing the dangerous recommendations that this guy had in mind. After talking more with my OBGYN, Dr. R., I felt much better. We are on the same page, nothing has changed, and I still feel completely comfortable with our plan for the rest of the pregnancy. This guy has a great calming effect on me!

Things that are coming up soon...I will do a more valid glucose tolerance test at 28 weeks and I will get the steroid shots then as well to mature Grayson's lungs. So if we see any kind of trouble, he is coming out. I would much rather deal with the consequences of a premature baby than to lose another son. With that being said, because I am pretty sure someone is going to take that the wrong way, we by no means want to deliver prematurely if we can avoid it. We continue to pray for Grayson to be healthy and for my health as well.

Everything continues to look very good and I go back in two weeks. The only real issue that I am having right now if the extreme need to eat 24/7. I am actually waking up in the middle of the night starving! I just don't remember that with Brayden. I am doing my best to make good choices but tonight I had a very odd dinner.
A few pieces of homemade pita bread pizza, some corn flakes with milk, and a low fat ice cream sandwich. I am just not sure what this child is doing to me ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

A baby and his mommy...

I never really know how many people actually read my blog but you can be sure that I feel the power of your prayers for us and our little one and that has keep us going even during dark times.

I have something to ask of you , please direct your prayers to a close friend of mine and her unborn baby. They have discovered that their little one has a potentially dangerous condition that can cause challenges in his future. We really want and we pray each day for him to be healed so I ask that you please help with his healing with your prayers. Please pray that he will not only he healed but his parents will remain strong in their faith and their love as well.

Thank you

Glucose Tolerance Test -Take #1

This morning I went in to do a fasting glucose tolerance test...5 weeks earlier than most pregnant women. For those that don't know, you go in drink a sugary drink and then they take a blood sample to test for Gestational Diabetes. I should get the results in the next day or two. This test was recommended by the horrid specialist that I saw on Friday and I would have turned it down out of spite but I am all for detecting problems early. All in the name of protecting my little one's life and mine. So if I pass this test I will still take the routine glucose tolerance test at 28 weeks.

I did learn something today though...fasting and not drinking until after the test causes contractions. I gotta love my coworkers though. I didn't realize I was being watched when I was taking some deep breaths while contracting until I realized that they were breathing with me. So funny, they're great! I had about 4 in one hour so I hydrated and took some Tylenol and now I am feeling so much better and I haven't had any since. Until next time...

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I never thought I would feel such pleasure and happiness...

I have baby clothes in my washing machine again.

This is how we ride...

A girl can't go without her shopping but shopping is the one thing my doctor told me I cannot do. So it was mentioned that maybe we should get a wheelchair so I could at least participate in our grocery shopping but I thought "No way, I will just make it work". Well the doctor was right, I can't do anything, shopping or otherwise, of that nature. Granny was nice enough to lend out the wheelchair she had and it has been extremely helpful! I am so thankful...the people that are behind me, pushing me, may not be as thankful but they are doing it will a smile on their face ;).

Fun Fact:
If you live in our area, did you know that there is a slight uphill incline, not really visible to the naked eye,  between Target and Rack Room Shoes? Well there is! You should ask my mom about that one ;)

Yesterday I was able to shop with my mom for maternity clothes for me, get some baby things, and run other errands without having any cramping or contractions. I was even still feeling great and I had a date night with my hubby. Thanks Granny!!! and of course mom and hubby for pushing me around...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our visit with Dr. G...and the last time I will blog about Dr. G

He had nothing constructive to add...and that is all I am going to say about that.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Waiting for Spring...

Nothing new to report here. We are just waiting on our spring baby! Grayson is kicking up a storm and I continue to follow doctors orders to rest and be as inactive as possible. I hit the 22 week mark yesterday and I see Dr G. the maternal-fetal specialist on Friday so I will update then. Until then...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Our blessings from 2010... a little late!!

I wanted to touch on the great things that blessed us in 2010.  A little late I know, but better late than never!!
  • January-I was finally approved, after almost two years of trying, for my lap band surgery.
  • February- I received my lap band surgery!
  • March- March marked 9 years that BJ and I have been together.
  • April- I was able to finally get off of my blood pressure medicine, a great step to becoming more healthy.
  • May- BJ and I went on our first real vacation since our honeymoon, and we put a contract on a house.
  • June- We celebrated 5 wonderful years of marriage. Despite the challenges we have had to face, we have made it through together. I also started at a new job.
  • July- We closed on our house and moved the next week!
  • August- We decided to think about trying for another child.
  • September- We were blessed  to find out on September 7th that we were expecting our second child.
  • October- We shared with the world that our little one will be coming in April.
  • November- We grieved the third anniversary of being without our son and celebrated his 4th birthday.
  • December-We found out that our second child is indeed a son! 
We are thrilled to look forward to the future, growing in our marriage and getting the greatest gift of raising another child. Happy New Year Everyone!

Yep! It's still a boy!

Meet Grayson Dallas!

Today we were able determine that he has a whole, healthy heart and it appears, although she still wasn't able to get the best shot, that he does not have cleft lip. He wouldn't even show his palate...he had his hands in front of his face most of the time, just like his brother. There has also been NO change to my cervix!! Yea!!! The blood test for my kidneys came back great and Grayson is growing really well.  He is moving a lot everyday and daddy got a great gift on Christmas day because he was able to feel him kick. We have our appointment for the Maternal Fetal Specialist, Dr. G, coming up on the 14th. So we continue on with everything looking great and pray that everything continues go well. I am taking great care to rest as often as possible and it seems to be helping keep me out of pain and Grayson out of danger. We are heading out on Saturday to pick out fabric for his room so I will update soon!