Our Start

Once upon a time…
A junior high girl met a high school boy…

BJ and I meet many, many years ago and I knew back then that we were going to be something special. After a few false starts, we started dating when I was senior in high school. Ten years later and we are still together.
He asked me to marry me in March of 2003. That following August he moved to Great Falls, Montana to serve his time in the military. We only saw each other four times during our two year engagement. 

On June, 3rd 2005 I walked down the aisle to marry my friend, high school sweetheart and my first and only love. After a wonderful honeymoon, we packed up and headed to live in Montana. Shortly after getting married we decided to try for a child and when we celebrated our first anniversary we also celebrated the end of my first trimester. In August of 2006, we headed back down to Alabama and decided to live with family until we could secure jobs and a place to raise our son due to arrive that December.

Our little family was almost torn apart that November of 2006. My husband almost lost his wife and we almost lost our first son. Amidst all the pain and happiness, I loved him more and more each day. We did lose our son in November of 2007. I was and still am thankful for that we have been able to grow together and become stronger despite our grief and pain.

Our small family seemed to stand still for a few years, but our marriage was and still is our first priority. In September of 2010 we decided to expand our family again and we were blessed with another son.
We say “I love you” every day and we cuddle every night. Our relationship is far from perfect. Each day I pray that God will protect our marriage and keep us strong, and each day I grow more and more in love with him.