Friday, September 7, 2012


Quiet …rarely happens around here. Right now I am enjoying the quiet before the boys get up and before the nurse gets here.  I broke out the hot tea this morning since the morning have been cooling down. I do think I may have to put a few a of these of these tea bags into the diaper bag for those very early morning trips to the Children’s ER when they happen. They cater to coffee drinkers which I am not. I was finding it hard pressed to get some unsweet tea at 1:00am in the morning at Children’s.  I just can’t drink coffee, I tried. I even got those really fancy flavored creamers. No sale. It smells great but tastes bad  and no amount of sweet n low is going to fix that.
You know that longer I look at this picture the more I see the unopened mail, trash, toys, unpaid bills, and other things that don’t belong. This is not my desk but is in fact our kitchen table. Oh well…
The kids are stirring so quiet time is over.

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