Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekly Happenings

  • Things have been stressful these last few weeks…that is putting it nicely.
  • I got to go out by myself Monday morning for several hours. It was fantastic! The weather was nice, the sun was out and I cranked the music up in the car. I can’t think of a better way to start the week. I needed that.
  • Little Man is now the proud owner of his own handicap place card for the car. His momma sure is happy!
  • Grayson has had his first fever  this past Monday at 16 months! (Yay for momma’s milk!!) Turns out his has Roseola.
  • Little Man has a cold that has kept him in his bed connected to his oxygen since last Tuesday. He has finally turned the corner we think after having to do nebulizer treatments around the clock and antibiotics. At least we managed to keep him out of the hospital.
  • I let go ( or fired) an entire pharmacy this week. Among many issues, they tried to convince me that I could substitute one drug for another one for little man. I am not stupid…I can read. We are writing a complaint to the company. I feel so much better since we made this decision.
  • Little Man sat up for 10-15 seconds yesterday by himself!!!
  • Grayson is talking up a storm. His favorite words this week; no, Nemo, turtle, thank you, and Jesus.
  • We  only had to go  the hospital once this week!! Amazing! We have been averaging at least 2-3 visits per week for a few months.
  • I had no nurse on Thursday and Friday of this week. Me and the boys managed just fine. I actually liked the time alone with them. While I do love the nursing help(Little Man’s care is quite daunting at times ), it can get draining having someone if your house all the time. 
  • Last Sunday, we as a family, took the day off.  We cancelled the nurse, and just spent time with the kids. We went to the zoo and spent time together as a family. We needed that. We have had to many stresses and challenges thrown at us this past month.

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