Thursday, December 16, 2010

She is a Drama Queen!!

Yep that’s right! The little one creating all this drama appears to be a girl! We should know officially on Monday when we do the more detailed ultrasound.

Now let me back up to tell you why we know what we know. On Monday night of this week I noticed that I was feeling some cramping in the lower part of my stomach and some lower back pain. It didn’t last long and it was only a few times so I didn’t think much about it. Well on Tuesday the cramping began to be more consistent and I was getting more and more uncomfortable. So that night I gave the doctor a call and he suggested that I come down to Labor and Delivery to get checked out. Cramping at 18 weeks is not a typical issue to have…but when have I ever done anything typical! Apparently my children follow suit ;) Anyways, we head down there figuring we would be checked out and then sent back home…nope. First the nurse tried to find her heartbeat and she was having difficulty. This was when I first got nervous. So off she went to find another nurse to use a Doppler to find the heartbeat and she was having difficulty as well. This was when I lost it and I all I could think was I cannot lose another one. She was eventually able to find the heartbeat but it was not registering on the Doppler so they had to manually count it and the number they came up  with was 120 beats per minute which is significantly lower than it has been but it was there and after everyone left her alone she kicked me three times. We had to have a serious talk about her behavior ;)

Continuing on, they hooked me up to the monitor to see if the cramping would show up that way and they didn’t which was good but the doctor felt I should spend the night so that they could watch me and that my doctor could take a look at me in the morning. The night was rough, I ended up needing some Ambien to help me sleep because of the cramping and in the morning my doctor decided to go ahead and start me on a medication that will keep my uterus “calm”. They checked my cervix twice and I am happy to say that I have not dilated at all which is wonderful so as of right now they are just saying that I have an “irritable uterus”. The medicine has worked great in the morning hours but the last two evenings I am still cramping so I have my feet up resting right now. 

Before we left the hospital I asked if we could check the heartbeat again for my peace of mind, so the doctor ordered an ultrasound. I am happy to say that she is growing well at 8 ounces, measuring on time, showed us her private parts, and her heart rate was at 150.

Please keep our little one in your prayers as we hope that whatever this issue is will resolve quickly. I will update again on Monday after our appointment.

P.S. I am beginning to believe that she just wants some atypical drama  like her brother, so I had to reassure her that she will get plenty of attention and this is not the way to go about it!

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